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How to Organize Your Phone

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How to Organize, Carrying a phone with you everywhere you go is now standard—in fact, it's practically mandatory.

How to Organize, Carrying a phone with you everywhere you go is now standard—in fact, it’s practically mandatory—but all that carrying around and daily usage can lead to a cluttered smartphone.

The simplest solution is to clean up your phone. However, determining where to begin cleaning up your phone’s storage is a little more difficult. 온라인카지노

When you’re ready to begin your phone clean-up, examine your phone habits and make a list of any apps, downloaded music albums, videos, and other items that you’re not using.

Consider files that bring back painful memories, such as photos of an ex or videos you used to watch with a deceased favorite relative. These may be the first to go—but you’re not done yet.

Apps should be deleted and organized

According to Barbara Reich, a professional organizer at Resourceful Consultants, the first step in cleaning up your phone should be to delete any apps you don’t use on a regular basis.

In terms of organization, the apps you use the most should be on your phone’s main screen, she says.

Apps that are used less frequently can be classified using folders on the second page, and having less visual clutter on your smartphone is a subtle but effective way of reducing visual overload.

Organize your photos and music

Photos, music, and videos can all take up a lot of space, but they can all be uploaded to the cloud and downloaded as needed.

This frees up space on your phone and ensures that your downloads are safe if something happens to it.

Apple, Amazon, and Google all provide secure cloud services at reasonable prices 카지노사이트

With enough storage space to meet the needs of the average person.

Reich recommends regularly deleting unflattering and unwanted photos

Such as those quick snaps of where you parked during your last mall shopping trip.

Organize to-do lists

It’s useful to keep lists on your phone so you can access them when you’re at the grocery store

Or in a meeting—but keeping too many lists and reminders on your phone can be counterproductive.

It’s easy for something to fall through the cracks when events and to-dos are recorded in multiple places

Having only one system is more important than having a system.

Whether you use your iPhone’s Notes app, the calendar feature, or another scheduling app,

You should input and stick to a system that works for you.

Contacts should be cleaned up

You might have a phone number for someone you haven’t spoken to in years.

Take stock and update your contact information.

Try ‘cleaning up’ your contacts by scrolling through a letter of the alphabet each day.

Remove anyone you don’t recognize and any other contacts you don’t require.

When you have a person’s information more than once, merge the contacts.

When entering new contacts in the future, make a habit of adding some details to the entry for future reference. 카지노 블로그

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